Nicklas Maddox III
ISSA Certified Personal Trainer


Welcome to MaddoxPowerHouseFit, where I believe in the holistic approach to wellness.

My mission is to empower individuals to cultivate physical strength, enhance cardio vascular endurance, improve flexibility, and nurture a resilient mindset. Through a balanced mix of exercise, nutrition, and mindfulness practices, I strive to guide you on a transformative journey towards optimal health and vitality. 

Join me as I embark on this empowering path to unlock your full potential! 

As an ISSA-Certified Fitness Professional, I help you set realistic goals, transform your health, and transform your lifestyle for the better. Helping  you look and feel your best, while also enjoying yourself is my aspiration.

To get in touch with me, just click on "Contact Me" and send me a message or you can give me a call at (770) 282-0231.

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